High School Removes Bathroom Stall Doors To Stop Vaping

A high school in Alabama has taken drastic measures to stop their students from vaping.

Wilson High School has removed some of the bathroom stall doors in the boys’ restroom.

The move comes two weeks after a male student was found passed out after vaping.

Students told school officials that the teen would sneak off daily to vape in the bathroom.

Some parents reportedly aren’t happy with the idea because of the lack of privacy.

The school’s principal Gary Horton says removing the stall doors is just a temporary solution.

On Wednesday, President Trump announced his administrations plan to ban thousands of flavored e-cigarettes in an effort to deter teen vaping.

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Trump admin to ban flavored e-cigs in wake of vaping deaths

Six people in the US have died from lung disease linked to vaping.

The CDC is reportedly looking into more than 450 cases of vaping-related illnesses across more than 30 states.

The American Lung Association recently put out a statement saying e-cigarettes “are definitely not safe.”

No single device, ingredient, or additive has been identified as the source of vaping illnesses and deaths at this time.