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Heat Shock Everyone But Themselves, Advance To The Eastern Conference Finals

By Stephen Diener

It may have been a shock to those outside of Heat nation, but for those in the know and for the Miami Heat players themselves, this win came as no surprise.

Yes, the Bucks had the best record in the NBA, the number one seed, and the MVP in Giannis, but it still wasn’t enough as the Heat were able to get past the juggernaut in 5 games and advance to their first ECF since 2014. That of course was the final year for the big 3 when they lost to the Spurs in the finals.

After the win last night, Jimmy Butler and Tyler Herro were both asked if they were surprised at how far they have made it this season. Both of them predictably said no. That’s not the news though, it wasn’t your typical athlete speak. There was a legitimate feel to their answers when they said this is where they expected to be.

It was actually believable.

This team is confident and they know what they have. They also know that they can get even further than where they are now. They expect to win, even when no one else expects them do so.

Yes, they flew under the radar, but that’s why if you hadn’t been paying attention to all of the young talent they have developed, you would be shocked too by this result.

They however, are not.

Dragic isn’t shocked. Herro and Butler aren’t shocked. Robinson, Crowder, Nunn, Olynyk, and Adebayo aren’t shocked.

They expect more.

And quite frankly, this team could end up getting much, much more.

Don’t be shocked if they do.