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Hank Goldberg, Longtime NFL Reporter and Sports Handicapper, Dies On His Birthday At 82

Hank Goldberg, longtime NFL Reporter and Sports Handicapper died Monday on his birthday at the age of 82, his family confirmed.

Goldberg had been in treatment for a number of years due to chronic kidney disease.

Known as “Hammering Hank”, according to ESPN.com, Goldberg was .500 or better in 15 of 17 NFL seasons while predicting games at ESPN.”

He’s made hundreds of appearances on NFL Countdown, ESPN Radio, and was a special guest for “The Andy Slater Show” on this very station, Fox Sports 640.

Goldberg had made his mark on ESPN’s Daily Wager throughout the sports betting show’s history.  He also spread his knowledge on horse racing from a betting aspect during the Triple Crown races.

His last appearance in the horse racing scene was in May during the Kentucky Derby when he did a phone interview.

Art Manteris, a longtime Las Vegas bookmaker, and close friend of Goldberg’s had nothing but admiration for his former colleague.

“I can assure you, he was no phony,” Manteris told ESPN of Goldberg’s handicapping prowess. “The Hammer always put his money where his mouth was, and that immediately earned him a high level of respect with me. As a longtime Las Vegas bookmaker, there were few opinions I valued more than Hank’s on the NFL.”

Goldberg also spent time as a Miami Dolphins radio analyst and more than 25 years as a TV and radio host.

Our prayers go out to his family, friends, and loved ones.

RIP “Hammerin” Hank Goldberg.