Grier: Dolphins Giving Rosen An “Opportunity”

Josh Rosen, who was traded to the Miami Dolphins during the 2019 NFL Draft on Friday, is arguably the crown jewel of Miami’s draft class.

Dolphins general manager Chris Grier and coach Brian Flores could use Rosen to help rebuild their struggling team.

In fact, Rosen could end up as the Dolphins’ starting quarterback in Week 1, if he is able to beat out 14-year veteran Ryan Fitzpatrick for that job.

However, both Grier and Flores are tempering their expectations about Rosen becoming the franchise-changing player the team has sought since Dan Marino’s retirement 20 years ago.

Grier says of the addition of Rosen, “I would say for us, we looked at it as an opportunity to add a good, young football player that has a lot of potential in this league. We didn’t go out saying ‘he’s got to be a franchise quarterback for us.’ For us, he’s a very talented young player, still has a lot of upside in the league … in terms for us, the value and taking on the contract, etc., the value was tremendous for us. We couldn’t pass it up.”

Grier adds, “You have to earn the right to earn the label. … To label a kid like that right off the bat, I feel like that’s unfair in a lot of ways,” Flores said of Rosen’s potential to be Miami’s franchise quarterback. But you have to earn it, and we’ll give him the opportunity.”

Rosen completed 55.2 percent of his passes for 11 touchdowns and 14 interceptions with a 66.7 rating last season, following 13 starts with a 3-10 record.

A former UCLA standout, he will earn just $6.28 million for the next three seasons.

The Dolphins traded their second-round pick, as well as a fourth-round pick, to the New Orleans Saints, turning that into another second-round pick they flipped for Rosen, as well as a sixth-round pick this year, and a second-round pick for next year’s draft.

Miami still needs to add 16 more players to have a full 90-man roster before training camp.

Rosen will be coached by offensive coordinator Chad O’Shea, who has spent the past decade as an assistant grooming receivers for quarterback Tom Brady with the New England Patriots.