Graphic pictures between city employees could cost WPB taxpayers 180k

A former West Palm Beach employee could be receiving a whopping $180,000 from the city as part of a settlement in connection to a graphic image and her recent firing.

Former city employee Sharagay Esposito is said to have received a picture of graphic nature and was fired on Oct. 4. for unrelated reasons.

She worked for the city since 2000 and reportedly showed the graphic image during her termination hearing.

Mayor Keith James said once he heard about the scandalous image from then-Assistant City Administrator Faye Johnson, he asked for the resignation of City Administrator Jeff Green.

Mayor James told WPTV that he had evidence that “a very graphic text was sent and that Green was in the text chain.”

However, city officials have not disclosed who sent the picture.

The settlement has been placed on the city’s agenda for approval, which is set for Monday.

Mayor James broke the news about the settlement to city commissioners during a commissioner meeting on Nov. 4.

He said he was unable to disclose the situation sooner because it had “quickly escalated into a sensitive legal matter”

The settlement was an effort to spare the city an expensive lawsuit by Espositio, James added.

City Commissioner Richard Ryles said the settlement and the allegations around it had taken him by complete surprise.

Ryles stressed the high cost of the settlement, saying that “in his 30 years of being an attorney he had never seen a municipality settle a pre-suit for “that much money.”

Ryles is asking for more information before approving the settlement.