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Giuliani: Trump Won by a Landslide amid Massive Election Fraud


The elite legal team assembled to investigate alleged voter fraud in the 2020 Election Thursday laid out shocking evidence of vote manipulation to gin up false results which the media is using to project Joe Biden’s victory.

Rudy Giuliani alleged a massive attack and clear crimes were committed both manually and electronically to trash America’s the right to vote. The team is alleging that hundreds of thousands of votes for Biden were counted multiple times. Also that the Dominion election software was manipulated to change votes and citizens have signed affidavits alleging that they were told to ignore abnormalities in signatures, dates and lack of absentee ballot applications while counting votes.

The team says they have enough time and evidence to prove that President Trump won in a landslide and they will not be intimidated. The team also alleges that the scheme to defraud the election was choreographed by the Democrat party and Joe Biden himself. They challenged the media to cover the evidence fairly.