Former WWE Wrestlers Going To UFC

It’s official! Former WWE Champion Phillip Brooks (also known as CM Punk) will be in UFC 203. Yet, another professional wrestler going to do it for real. Yes, no scripts. CM Punk doesn’t have the look of an MMA star, but his athletic background gives him a fighting chance.
CM Punk is following a path set by former WWE champion, Brock Lesnar. Lesnar left WWE very young and tried to play professional football. When that did not pan out, he joined UFC. Brock Lesnar quickly rose in the ranks as one of the world’s top heavyweight fighters. The big difference between Lesnar and Punk is obvious. Brock competed in real fighting sports. At the University of Minnesota, Lesnar won the 2000 NCAA Division 1 heavyweight wrestling championship and was a two-time All-American. Brock Lesnar is the “Total Package”
Wrestling/UFC/MMA transition can go the other way too.  UFC Hall of Famer, Ken Shamrock was one of the early faces of UFC before he joined WWE and at one point became an Intercontinental champion, Tag Team champion and King Of the Ring winner. There is no denying the facts about Wrestling and Mixed Martial Arts crossing paths.
Here’s a list at some former WWE stars that have dabbed into both Wrestling and Mixed Martial Arts:

  1. Dave Batista: Years in Wrestling: 2000-2010; 2014|Years in MMA: 2012 (1-0)
  2. Bam Bam Bigelow: Years in Wrestling: 1985-2006|Years in MMA: 1996 (0-1)
  3. Alberto del Rio: Years in Wrestling: 2000-Present|Years in MMA: 2001-2010 (9-5)
  4. Nathan Jones: Years in Wrestling: 1997-2005|Years in MMA: 1997 (0-1)
  5. Bobby Lashley: Years in Wrestling: 2004-Present|Years in MMA: 2008-Present (7-2)
  6. Brock Lesnar: Years in Wrestling: 2000-2007; 2012-Present|Years in MMA: 2007-2011 (5-3)
  7. Dan Severn: Years in Wrestling: 1995-2012|Years in MMA: 1994-2012 (101-19-7)
  8. Steve “Dr. Death” Williams: Years in Wrestling: 1982-2009|Years in MMA: 2004 (0-1)
  9. Ken Shamrock: Years in Wrestling: 1997-2013|Years in MMA: 1993-1996; 2000-2006; 2008-2010 (28-15-2)
  10. CM Punk: Years in Wrestling: 1999-2014| Years in MMA: We shall find out at UFC 203