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Former UM star Kellen Winslow II sentenced to 14 years in jail

Miami v Florida
GAINESVILLE, FL – SEPTEMBER 7: Wide receiver Kellen Winslow II #81 of the University of Miami drags a defender for extra yardage during the NCAA football game against the University of Florida on September 7, 2002 at Florida Field in Gainesville, Florida. Miami defeated Florida 41-16. (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

Former Miami Hurricane Tight End and NFL player Kellen Winslow II was sentenced Wednesday to 14 years in prison for multiple rapes and other sexual offenses against five women in Southern California.

The 37-year-old spent 10 seasons in the NFL, most recently with the Jets in 2013.

San Diego County Superior Court Judge Blaine Bowman said Winslow can only be described in “two words and that is a sexual predator.” The judge said he preyed on women who were especially vulnerable.

He noted that Winslow continued to prey on women even after his first arrest. He performed a lewd act in front of a 77-year-old woman at a gym while hiding his GPS monitoring ankle bracelet with a towel. He also exposed himself during that time to a 57-year-old neighbor who was gardening, assaulted a homeless woman, and attacked a teen after she had passed out at a party.

“The vulnerability of the victims was no accident,” Bowman said. “It was the type of victim that you sought out yourself because you felt that perhaps they wouldn’t report the crime” or “wouldn’t be deemed credible by the jurors.”

Winslow II was convicted forcible rape, rape of an unconscious person, assault with intent to commit rape, indecent exposure, and lewd conduct in public.

Winslow’s attorney said he suffered from head trauma from the many blows to his head playing football, using that as defense going from a star athlete to a convicted sexual predator. He said his client has accepted responsibility and intends to get help.

He originally faced up to 18 years in prison for all the charges but he took a plea deal to reduce the sexual battery charge to assault with intent to commit rape last month. That reduced the maximum sentence to 14 years.