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Forida man on LSD charged with tackling guard at Disney World


According to an arrest report, 19-year-old James Arvid tackled the uniformed security guard from behind and put him into a headlock while the guard was making his rounds at Animal Kingdom. Park guests pulled Arvid off the guard, who had managed to radio for help.

When police responded to the incident they noticed Arvid to be  “in a state of excited delirium and unexpected strength.” He was sweating profusely, not responding to commands and compulsively kicking his legs, according to the arrest report.

After being secured to a stretcher and taken to a hospital, Arvid became coherent and told a nurse, “I took LSD and tried to kill someone,” but he wasn’t able to recall anything else about what happened, the arrest report said.

Doctors in the emergency room said Arvid was exhibiting signs of heatstroke, drug use and alcohol use, which would lead to “aggression and a heightened mental state,” the report said.

The guard only had abrasions to his elbow and was treated at the scene.

Arvid is now banned from Disney World. He entered a plea of not guilty to a charge of battery on a uniformed security guard, and has asked for a jury trial.