Florida man kills family over webcam model

A 30-year-old Orlando man has been sentenced to life in prison after he killed his parents and his brother because they allegedly tried to cut off his online relationship with an adult webcam model.

The murders of Chad, Cody, and Margaret Amato occurred on January 24th at the family’s home on Sultan Circle.

Authorities say the suspect Grant Amato, became infatuated with a Bulgarian webcam model named Silvie and reportedly stole nearly $200,000 from his family to fund his online relationship with her. The 30-year-old stole $60,000 and guns from his brother, Cody, and another $150,000 from his father Chad which included a loan that was taken out on his parents house.

When the family interceded in the relationship, Grant then planned his revenge.

Grant reportedly spent the day with his mother but at 4:45 pm when she sat down at the computer, he shot her in the back of the head and left her body “face-down dead at her computer desk,” while he waited for his father to come home. He then shot his father and his brother when they came home hours apart.

The suspect then rearranged the bodies to make it appear that his brother killed his parents before he killed himself. Investigators realized, however, that Cody could not have been responsible for the deaths due to the time each person was killed.

Grant was arrested and charged with first degree murder on July 31st, however, jurors reconvened Monday to decide whether Grant should receive the death penalty or just be sentenced to life in prison.

After deliberations, it was decided that Grant be sentenced to life behind bars without prole.