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Florida man killed victim over $40 drug debt


A Boynton Beach man is accused of killing another man over a $40 drug debt.

According to Boynton Beach police, 21-year-old Lesroy Edwards was arrested on Monday at his home on Orange Street.

Police say Edwards beat the victim until he was unconscious and stripped him naked during the April attack at the Crossings of Boynton Beach.

Police said the confrontation was over a  $40 debt that was owed to Edwards and Endrice Lajeune.

According to the report, Lajeune told police that he, Edwards and another man went to the victim’s home to confront him about the $40. He said Edwards and the other man then began to assault the victim by punching and kicking him. The victim had to be taken to a nearby hospital. Lajeune, who denied participating in the assault, was arrested in April on robbery and aggravated battery charges.

Police said Edwards initially confessed to committing the crime, but later denied involvement. Edwards told police he was never at the victim’s home, but police were able to obtain surveillance video showing him entering and leaving the community.


Endrice Lajeune, accomplice in beating of man over $40 drug debt

Endrice Lajeune/Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office

The victim was transferred to hospice care and died in September.

Edwards now faces charges of second-degree murder and robbery.