Florida man facing 26 felonies after traffic stop

A Port St. Lucie man was arrested and charged with a total of 26 felonies after a traffic stop.

A Port St. Lucie deputy spotted 18-year-old Justin Jospeh driving a 2017 Mercedes westbound on Southwest Crosstown Parkway with the windows illegally tinted, including a front windshield.

According to police, when they stopped the car they found more than $2,100 in cash in Joseph’s possession and inside his car. They also found multiple debit and credit cards, which did not belong to him.

Detectives discovered that Joseph is apart of a larger scam group that uses various debit and gift cards to create fraudulent claims at local stores.

He is facing multiple felony charges including 12 counts of criminal use of personal information, 10 counts of possession of stolen credit cards, unauthorized use of a credit card, unlawful possession of personal identification cards, obtaining property by false personation and scheme to defraud.

Joseph was also issued traffic citations for illegal windshield tinting and violation of a learner’s permit.

Detectives are still investigating who Joseph would get paid from for the fraudulent claims.

His bond was set at $65,000.