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Florida inmate sentenced to 90 years on marijuana charges freed


An inmate sentenced to 90-years in prison on marijuana charges has been released early with the help of The Last Prisoner Project.

71-year-old Richard DeLisi was released from the South Bay Correctional and Rehabilitation Facility on December 8th after serving 31-years of his sentence.

According to the report, DeLisi was sentenced to 90 years behind bars 1988 after agreeing to help smuggle more than 100 pounds of marijuana from Colombia into Florida.

The Last Prisoner Project worked with attorneys throughout the summer on DeLisi’s case which they determined did not fit the crime and was unjust.

“I can personally tell you, as a former prosecutor for Miami-Dade County, I never saw anything like this. It’s truly unjust,” said Chiara Juster, DeLisi’s lead attorney.

Other attorneys spoke about the length of time DeLisi, who is considered to be the inmate serving the longest sentence for marijuana charges has spent away from his family.

“He has been ripped apart from his family for 32 years. And as a society in Palm Beach County, we are no safer because of that,” said Attorney Elizabeth Buchanan.

Despite being able to free DeLisi, attorneys with the project say their work is not done:

“Today we celebrate Richard DeLisi’s release, but tomorrow we go back to work because in our state and in our country there are thousands of Richard DeLisis,” said Buchana.