Florida Congresswoman under investigation for misuse of campaign funds

Officials with the U.S Justice Department have announced that they are currently investigating a former Florida republican congresswoman for her misuse of campaign funds.

According to the report, an investigation found that Ileana RosLehtinen may have spent as much as $50,000 of campaigns funds at restaurants, luxury hotels, and on vacations.

Investigators found that RosLehtinen transferred the funds from her 2018 reelection campaign account to a political action committee in which she controlled and began the spending from there.

Authorities indicated that RosLehtinen spent nearly $4,000 on a trip to Disney in 2017, $44,000 on hotel rooms in both New York and Florida include stays at the Ritz-Carlton Resort, and more than $3,000 at a high-end Miami Restaurant for a family dinner on New Years Eve.

Despite the report, RosLehtinen’s attorney, Weiner told the Miami Herald that they believe the missing funds are a bookkeeping error:

“We are confident that, if bookkeeping errors were committed, they were due to negligence, and not willful or intentional misconduct by the former congresswoman or anyone on her staff, or her accountants,” Jeffrey Weiner said.