FL police officer seen pushing teen off roof in bodycam video

A Florida police department is facing severe backlash after video of an officer pushing an 18-year-old car theft suspect of a roof has gone viral.

Sgt. Anthony Amada and officer Plenio Massiah of the Kissimmee Police Department approached an unidentified suspect accused of taking his girlfriend’s car without permission.

But when police arrived at the suspect’s door, he fled upstairs to the roof.

They pursued the suspect on foot, which is seen in the police bodycam footage.

The video reportedly shows the officers telling the suspect to “come down” from the roof, which was nine-feet from the ground.

The officer on the roof then tells the suspect, “You’re going to get Tased, and you’re going to fall. So, you better jump.”

Shortly after, the suspect is shown refusing to jump and asking the officer to exit out of the window instead.

The officer’s partner is then heard screaming, “push him off the roof,” multiple times.

Moments later, the teenager was shoved off and tased once he hit the ground.

The suspect was unharmed from the fall and the Taser, according to an internal investigation by the Kissimmee Police Department.

But Kissimmee Police chief Jeff O’Dell said the suspect could have been “severely injured” in the incident.

Following the incident, Sgt. Amada resigned from the department in June, and officer Massiah was suspended for a total of eight hours.

The police report also noted that officer Massiah feared that a struggle between him and the suspect could have led to them both falling off.

No other information is available at this time.