EXCLUSIVE: Palm Beach County Mayor Plans Legal Battle to Stop Influx of Illegals

The mayor of Palm Beach County, Mack Bernard, told Jen and Bill this morning in a live interview that he plans to mount a legal challenge to the impending importation of 500 illegal migrants a month to Palm Beach County from the Southern Border.

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Mayor Bernard told Jen and Bill, once the planeloads of migrants arrive at PBIA and are transferred to the Port of Palm Beach, they will be processed at the

West Palm Beach Border Patrol station in Riviera Beach.  They will be given a notice to appear and then will disappear into the neighborhoods, hospitals and schools of Palm Beach County.

Jen and Bill also asked Mayor Bernard, why are the migrants being transported to Palm Beach and Broward Counties?  Governor DeSantis and possibly even President Trump, who announced a new immigration plan Thursday, were not aware of the decision.

Mayor Bernard noted that there have been no shelters or other arrangements designated for the migrants yet.

He said the governor may have to declare a national emergency for Palm Beach County to provide enough resources.

Although no official reason has been given for the relocation, U.S. authorities have been relocating migrants from the border to less-crowded areas for processing.