Early Voting Leads to Warning from Local Officials On Intimidation

As early voting continues and the election gets closer, local officials are putting out all the stops to avoid voter intimidation or interference.

On that note, State Attorney Dave Aronberg and Palm Beach County Sheriff Ric Bradshaw jointly issued a statement Friday regarding their efforts.

It reads in part, “we want to assure the citizens of Palm Beach County that we will be vigilant and proactive in protecting these cherished rights. Voter intimidation will not be tolerated.”

The release goes on to warn, “Law enforcement will respond to any violation of our election laws and the State Attorney’s Office will immediately review each case for potential prosecution. This includes any attempt to intimidate, coerce or retaliate against any citizen exercising his or her right to vote, and also includes fraudulent acts such as attempts to cast more than one ballot.”

With that in mind, Sheriff Bradshaw and State Attorney Aronberg are asking voters to report potential violations.

Meanwhile, The Palm Beach Post reports that one such incident occurred at the Jupiter Community Center last Thursday.

According to the newspaper, Betty Legare was seen waving documents that showed Republican candidates’ names while repeatedly saying “Trump” to voters entering the building to cast their ballots.

However, Jupiter Police are reporting no additional issues with Legare or others at that site as of Friday.