Dwyane Wade’s final game was too good to be true

It was one of those moments last night where you say to your self, “this is even too good for a movie script.”

Dwyane Wade played the FINAL game of his career last night in Brooklyn, but from the sounds of the crowd, you would have thought the game was back in Miami. And there were plenty of storybook moments that almost seemed to good to be true.

Wade and Haslem started a game together for the first time since 2015. And the crew, aka Chris Paul, Carmelo Anthony, and LeBron James all showed up to watch their brothers’ curtain call. But, the most fantastic thing that happened almost seemed to play out like that movie script I mentioned.

A triple-double.

Not only a triple-double, but it was a triple-double that was accomplished with Wade’s closest friend, Udonis Haslem, hitting the shot that gave him his final assist and put him over the top. It could not have been a more fitting ending than that.

Wade’s final stat line, 25 points, 11 rebounds, and 10 assists. Only his 5th career triple-double and first since February of 2011. Even Udonis Haslem had a throwback night with a double-double of his own. The crowd loved it, Heat fans loved it, and we will always love Dwyane Wade.