Do Dolphins Fans Really Want To Lose?

Miami Dolphin’s owner Stephen Ross, left, new Miami Dolphin’s head coach Brian Flores, center, and general manager Chris Grier, right, pose for a portrait before a news conference on Monday, Feb. 4, 2019, in Davie, Fla. Hours after his team won the Super Bowl, New England Patriots linebackers coach Flores has been hired as head coach of the Miami Dolphins. They decided on Jan. 11. (AP Photo/Brynn Anderson)

By Stephen Diener

It was another normal Sunday afternoon for Dolphins fans.

Sit down, watch your team give you hope, and then watch them lose in their typical spectacular fashion.

As I was sitting there taking it all in though, I realized something that shook me to my core. There are Dolphins fans that actually want to win games this year?!

Just to set the scene to help you understand what led me to this realization, I was watching the game at home with some friends who were there for a Halloween party that my wife was throwing for all of the kids. I may or may not have been dressed up as a vampire watching the Dolphins play the Bills, but that is neither here nor there.

My point here is, as a Miami Dolphins fan in the year 2019, I have personally bought in %100 to the tanking for Tua strategy. Honestly, the front office has not really given us any other choice but to buy in as made evident from their moves to trade their best players for draft picks. So that being said, I just assumed that everyone else was in on the plan too.

I see now that I was wrong. Not just wrong, but maybe very wrong.

The first thing I realized was the friends I was watching the game with were actually actively rooting for the Phins to pull out that win at the end of the game. I mean they were really upset that they lost while I was standing there breathing a sigh of relief that they kept their number one draft pick position.

Then that led me to think about all of the people who are coming to the games at Hard Rock stadium and actively rooting for the Phins to win and it made me question everything in my life. Well, maybe not everything, I might be exaggerating a bit, but still, it left me pondering. Am I in the minority?

Are the majority of fans in on the tanking plan like me? Or are there more and more who are saying “screw it, let’s win.”

And if the Dolphins do get the number one pick after all of this, (the Bengals are winless too), should they draft Tua or a different QB?

I suppose that’s another question for another time.