Deadly gator attacks hit the Treasure Coast

Two dogs were killed in Indiantown from gator attacks, now the Martin County Sheriff’s Office are warning their residents. Officials worry a person or a child could be the next victim with the gators attacking the local canines.

“It’s been warmer now, so they’re kinda being a little more active,” said John Davidson, a licensed alligator trapper. Who has been busy the last couple weeks trying to capture the pesky reptiles.

Photos from the sheriff’s office show an eight-foot gator that was captured in the latest attack after it killed a dog. The only part left of the pet was its head.

Martin County Sheriff’s Deputies are warning residents about an increase in aggressive gator calls after a second dog…

Posted by Martin County Sheriff's Office on Friday, December 13, 2019

“If you’re close to the water, try to keep the dog as far away from the water as you can because alligators are very, very quick when they’re trying to hunt something down,” Davidson said.

The two recent gator attacks on dogs happened in lakes or canals at Indianwood Golf and Country Club near Indiantown. This year at least a dozen dogs have been killed by gators in Martin County.

Questions have been inquired about why the gators are feasting on local pets. “From my standpoint, it sounds like someone’s feeding alligators probably and that’s a big deal,” said Mike Kimmel, owner of Martin County Trapping and Wildlife Rescue. “An eight or 10-foot gator would have no problem grabbing a 3-year-old kid if the kid got too close,” Detective Robert Smith said.

A Martin County detective says in these two cases in Indiantown, the dogs were unattended and running free when they were grabbed by a gator.

The gators responsible for the two dog attacks near Indiantown have been captured and taken away from populated areas.