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DC’s NFL Club Temporarily Renamed “Washington Football Team,” as Nationals and Yankees Play Ball

Washington-Temporary Name Football
This artist’s rendering provided by the Washington Football team shows the front of the NFL football team’s new white uniform. (Washington Football via AP)

Washington’s NFL franchise is simply going to be known as – get this – “Washington Football Team” for the time being. The team confirmed the name change on Thursday, as its Twitter handle changed to @WashingtonNFL. The new account includes the team’s temporary logo, which is a stylized “W.” It also tweeted photoshopped images of current players in brand new team uniforms without the old branding. ESPN and NBC Sports report that the name will serve as a placeholder until the team chooses a new team name in the near future. https://twitter.com/WashingtonNFL/status/1286358557156347904?s=20 The team is keeping its same burgundy and gold color scheme, and will also retain the same uniform set for the most part. However, its old logo will be replaced with player numbers on helmets.. Jerseys will substitute the team’s old nickname with the word “Washington.” The team officially retired its previous nickname, which is a dictionary-defined term for Native Americans, last month, during nationwide protests over systemic racism.

It is unknown when the team will choose a new nickname. Meanwhile, the world-champion Washington Nationals are set to take on the New York Yankees Thursday evening, as the MLB season resumes following a suspension due to the pandemic. The ceremonial first pitch will be thrown by none other than Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation’s leading infectious disease expert who also happens to be a big Nationals fan. Sports are back in full force!