Crew of all-woman firefighters at Palm Beach Gardens Department makes history

Five female firefighters made history at a South Florida fire department by becoming the first all-woman crew.

According to WPBF, for the first time in their 57-year history, the Palm Beach Gardens Fire Rescue Department had an all-female crew.

“We’re breaking barriers,” said Rescue Lt. Krystyna Heiser Krakowski. “It’s the first time we had in our department a female as a captain, a driver, a firefighter, rescue lieutenant and a medic.”

The men at the station said the historic event was a momentous occasion for them as well.

“That day, the stars aligned, and it happened to be the day that Justice Ruth Ginsburg passed away as well, so it made the event even more special,” said Deputy Fire Chief of Operations James Ippolito.

Krakowski said her message to the next generation of female firefighters is to keep breaking those glass ceilings.

“We can do anything. We are capable of anything. Don’t let anyone stop you,” she said.

Krakowski posted a photo of the all-female crew. That photo has since gone viral.