Combat Vet Disqualified From Miss America Pageant For Being “Too Political”

Miss Nevada, who is also a combat veteran, has been stripped of her crown and sash for refusing to remove her pro-Trump social media posts.
29-year-old Katie Jo Williams of Las Vegas is accusing the Miss America pageant of dropping her over her support for President Trump.
She says she is tired of being labeled a “crazy, right-wing” nut job because she wears a MAGA hat in one post.
In a Facebook video, Williams said she was officially disqualified from this year’s pageant after being told she was too political on social media.
The organization says their decision has nothing to do with the president, they just don’t allow contestants to make their political beliefs known on pageant-related accounts or engagements.
According to their website, the Miss America contest is a “no politics pageant.”
The Miss America pageant will be held this Saturday and will air Sunday, Sept. 9, on the ABC Television Network without Williams.
The jilted contestant, Katie Williams, will join Jen and Bill live Thursday morning at 8:35 to talk about the Miss America pageant drama.