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Chiefs Make Big Announcement On Fans, Other Teams Say No

El quarterback de los Chiefs de Kansas City Patrick Mahomes celebra con el trofeo Lamar Hunt el título de la AFC al derrotar a los Titans de Tennessee el domingo 19 de enero del 2020. (AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall)

The first game of the NFL season is to be played on September 10th, when the defending Super Bowl champs, Kansas City Chiefs, will be kicking things off against the Houston Texans.

And as we get ever closer to that date and the return of football, the questions and announcements are starting to arise about whether or not fans will be allowed to attend the games.

In the case of the Chiefs, the answer to that question is a resounding yes!

The team announced this morning that they would be allowing a certain number of fans to attend the home opener along with the other home games this season. To go along with that, Jerry Jones announced last week that they too would be allowing fans this season and other teams seem ready to follow suit according to reports.

Meanwhile, the Chicago Bears and Atlanta Falcons are on the other side of the spectrum here.

The Falcons announced that they will not be allowing fans to attend their home games throughout all of September and the Bears will not be allowing fans for the home opener at the least.

Would you go to a game if you had the chance? How many teams do you think will end up allowing fans in the stands?