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Chargers QB Taylor Recovering from Punctured Lung After Doctor’s Error

Chargers Bengals Football
Los Angeles Chargers quarterback Tyrod Taylor (5) throws during the first half of an NFL football game against the Cincinnati Bengals, Sunday, Sept. 13, 2020, in Cincinnati. (AP Photo/Aaron Doster)

Just when you think you’ve seen or heard it all in football, someone or something throws a big surprise your way.

This time around, that “something” comes from the L.A. Chargers.

According to reports from KGTV and ESPN, quarterback Tyrod Taylor had to sit out last Sunday’s game against the defending Super Bowl champion Chiefs, due to a punctured lung.

But, it wasn’t any kind of play that caused it.

Instead, a team doctor is said to have accidentally punctured Taylor’s lung before the game.

From what sources told ESPN, the QB had been dealing with some cracked ribs from the Bengals game, and the doc went a little too far while administering a shot for the pain.

Furthermore, ESPN says the NFL Players Association is having the situation investigated.

No word on when Taylor will be back on the field yet.