You could very well be seeing Kaepernick on one of these teams

Prop betters must be having a ball as Colin Kaepernick and NFL teams prepare for his league sponsored workout. Here are the odds on teams most likely to sign the out-of-work quarterback, according to Sports Betting: Bengals +350; Steelers +400; Ravens +600; Bills & Raiders +700; Panthers +800. Kaepernick’s workout is scheduled for Saturday at […]

Is The Colin Kaepernick Workout a PR Trap?

So Colin Kaepernick is supposed to attend a private workout with the NFL on Saturday (November 16) in Atlanta. Some feel like the last-minute event is a PR trap. Questions surrounding the timing of the workout have been floating around since most NFL teams would be preparing for Sunday games, it’s not practical for coaches […]

Top Ranked Kentucky Stunned at Home by Evansville

I don’t think anyone saw this one coming; in its first week ranked at no.1 in the AP Poll, Kentucky suffered a loss to Evansville, trailing in all but nearly six minutes of the game. Social media is calling the powerhouse team’s loss one of the biggest upsets in college hoops. The loss was a […]

Amazon’s Bezos Buying an NFL Team?

What would he name the team; the Amazon Packages? Amazon CEO and the world’s richest man Jeff Bezos is reportedly interested in spending some of his wealth to buy an NFL team. League sources told CBS Sports that Bezos has become close friends with several NFL franchise owners and are encouraging Bezos to join their […]

Opinion: Hey, Dolphins, Stop Winning!

By Stephen Diener Before I begin, I’ll just say first that I know that this is a very contentious subject, but enough is enough! It has to be said, the Miami Dolphins need to stop winning. I know it might sound absurd or even asinine, but let’s put this in perspective for a minute. After […]

Stanton, Sabathia Campaigning for Gerrit Cole To Join Yankees

Gerrit Cole is the hottest name on the MLB free agent market, and a couple of Yankees want to see him in pinstripes. Longtime Yankee C.C. Sabathia, who announced his retirement last month, has reportedly talked to Cole “at length, many times” about pitching in New York. Meanwhile, Giancarlo Stanton went one step further when […]

Judge Wins Defensive Award for Best Right Fielder

New York’s Aaron Judge was one of nine recipients of the 2019 Defensive Player of The Year awards on Monday night. Even out of the game for two months with an injury Judge managed to save 19 defensive runs, tying Dodger Cody Bellinger for the most runs by a right-hander. After the acknowledgement, Judge tweeted […]

OBJ could be out in Cleveland

After all the offseason hype, has it gotten so cold in Cleveland that the Browns would actually consider trading Odell Beckham Jr.? News this week is that some teams are hopeful. Despite the earlier dismissal of rumors ahead of the trade deadline, Bleacher Report’s Mike Freeman cites a couple NFC heads who think a trade […]

The First CFP Rankings are out and Clemson didn’t make the cut

The year’s first College Football Playoff ranking is out, and for the first time Ohio State is at the top. OSU ranked No. 1 on the list, followed by LSU, Alabama, and Penn State. Defending national champs Clemson follow close behind at No. 5. It’s the first time in the CFP’s five-year history that Ohio […]

Is Bob Stoops about to become the new FSU head coach?

By Stephen Diener Ah yes, the rumors are swirling in Tallahassee. Just a couple of days after Willie Taggart was fired by Florida State, Bob Stoops name has suddenly emerged out of nowhere as a top candidate for the Seminoles head coaching job. As of now, the former Oklahoma head man is the general manager […]