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SLATER SCOOP: Al Golden Suing the Canes

Al Golden and the Univ. of Miami are involved in a lawsuit over his buyout. Golden says he’s been receiving checks monthly for $0.24. The federal trial is set to begin Feb. 3, 2020, the day after the Super Bowl. Golden also alleges Univ. of Miami AD Blake James drafted a fake press release after […]

Piper And Boyd Anderson brawl after high school football game

SLATER SCOOP: Sunrise PD spokesman tells me they are looking into filing charges against football players from Piper and Boyd Anderson High following this fight after their game last Friday. (📹: poetic_a/IG) — Andy Slater (@AndySlater) November 4, 2019


Adam Gase was told by a Jets executive before game that he would be fired if they lost, sources who heard the comment tell me. The exchange happened shortly after another member of Jets front office was taken by ambulance to hospital complaining of chest pains. Watching closely to see if this actually comes to […]

So far – The Heat is on! The Heat’s best player in franchise history is gone. The Heat are better than they were last year. It may not make sense, but it’s true. Dwyane Wade’s departure led to Goran Dragic taking over his role and Erik Spoelstra this season has done everything right. So far. […]

Zoo Miami follows up on their Ticket prices

As I said last week, Zoo Miami was the most expensive ticket in town this weekend, even surpassing the Dolphins game. But they have now come out with a new offer… As proud supporters of the @MiamiDolphins, we love to see fans cheering them on, regardless of Ws or Ls. So to show all you […]

This week in South Florida Ticket Prices

If this doesn’t show you the current state of South Florida sports, I don’t know what will. $6: Heat vs. Spurs (preseason) $6: FAU vs. Middle Tennessee St. $6: FIU vs. Charlotte $7: Florida Panthers vs. Carolina $9: Canes vs. Virginia $16: Dolphins vs. Redskins $23: Zoo Miami admission  

Redskins vs Dolphins – You Might Be Shocked By This Line

The Washington Redskins travel down to Miami for a Week 6 match up against the Phins. Obviously the Dolphins are not very good this year, but with Washington being 0-4 as well, one might think that Miami might actually be favored for this game at home. That being said, I checked in with a Vegas […]