Carole Baskin Faces Defamation Suit from Missing Ex-Husband’s Family

The saga continues in the case of Carole Baskin’s missing ex-husband.

While she’s been keeping busy on “Dancing with the Stars,” the family of Don Lewis has been talking to their attorneys.

On Wednesday, Lewis’ family announced that they have filed a defamation lawsuit against Baskin in the Tampa man’s disappearance.

In addition, the complaint names her husband, Howard Baskin and their animal sanctuary, Big Cat Rescue, as defendants in the 23-year-old case.

John Phillips, who is representing the Lewis family, released this statement:

On August 7, 2020 my clients filed a lawsuit for information against Carole Baskin, Kenneth Farr and Susan Bradshaw. Defendants requested more information in support of our Pure Bill of Discovery. We have amended that lawsuit and provided over 40 pages of support of the need for discovery, mostly in Carole Baskin’s own words.

Additionally, we have filed a lawsuit for defamation and various breaches against Carole Baskin, Howard Baskin and Big Cat Rescue. Since 1997, Anne McQueen has been the victim of lies by Carole Baskin. Mrs. Baskin even admitted these lies in 1998, apologizing for them in a written statement. She also settled Anne McQueen’s claims for libel and slander at that time, paying $50,000. These exact same false statements, and additional ones, are being made again in 2020. It is malicious. Making matters worse, Howard Baskin is making these same statements publicly, as is Big Cat Rescue. As such, they have been added as Defendants.

Baskin told Entertainment Tonight, “I haven’t made any kind of jokes about Don’s disappearance and it’s been a very personal thing to me for years.”

The comment was made in response to court documents indicating that Lewis’ three daughters and his former executive assistant allege that Baskin was “complicit with jokes” about Lewis’ death on DWTS when judges brought up TikTok videos inspired by her storyline in Tiger King.”