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CARES Act still has $56 million for Palm Beach County to spend on COVID-19 relief


Palm Beach County still has $56 million of the $261 million in CARES Act funds to pay out to local businesses struggling during the COVID-19 pandemic by December 30th.

The county received the funds in April. Data provided to Contact 5 by the county shows that, as of Dec. 7, $56 million is still on the table.
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Among the remaining dollars includes $9.4 million for emergency mortgage assistance, $16.9 million for the “restart small business grant,” of which companies with 25 or fewer employees are eligible, and nearly $10 million in emergency food distribution funds.

Palm Beach County Administrator Verdenia Baker was asked if there was any chance CARES Act funds could be returned to the federal government because the county didn’t spend the money by the Dec. 30 deadline, she said no.

“We are spending the money every day,” Baker said.