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Baseball Is Back, But With A Twist!

The players and owners have come to an agreement… MLBPA has agreed to pay cuts with the owners floating a 50-50 revenue split. You could say as per the modern day Urban Legend that “The Baseball Immortals have answered our prayers” as the 2020 baseball season will not be a total loss. This will have an asterisk in the record books for Major League Baseball by playing during the pandemic. Basically, the season will start the second half in July because the first half was riddled with the COVID-19 Pandemic. The Major League Baseball season schedule generally consists of 162 games played in 6 months, but this time around MLB will feature a 60-game season. Players will be reporting July 1st for a second go around or a conclusion of Spring Training that was interrupted back in March. The season will be beginning July 23rd or 24th.

There will be some changes you will notice this year when it come to National League pitchers. Forty of each team’s games will be against division rivals and the rest will be against teams in the corresponding division of the other league to reduce travel. Games may be moved to neutral stadiums to protect health and safety. Also, there is a new feature during extra innings… Each team will start its half of the inning with a runner on second base. There will be no more spitting and high-fiving are forbidden. Non-playing personnel will wear masks in dugout and bullpen at all times as per Major League Baseball. Players and coaches will be tested for COVID-19 every other day, and anyone who tests positive will be quarantined.

Baseball in 2020 will be a year that everyone remembers…

Good Luck and Play Ball!