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Bar owner who declared bar an autonomous zone arrested

Virus Outbreak Bar Owner Arrest

The co- owner of a New York bar that declared itself an autonomous zone in an effort to skirt covid restrictions has been arrested after running over a police deputy.

Danny Presti was arrested early Sunday after he allegedly ran down a deputy while attempting to avoid an arrest while leaving his bar.

According to the report, the bar, Mac’s Public House, continued to operate Saturday despite Governor Cuomo’s closure orders for the area.

Deputies noticed that even though the bar’s front doors were locked, patrons were being directed to a building next door where they used a backdoor to get into the establishment.

Inside the establishment, authorities noticed the bar continued to serve both food and drinks.

Authorities then attempted to arrest Presti but he reportedly got into his vehicle and drove off, hitting one of the deputies. Presti then continued to drive for about 100-yards while the deputy clung to the hood of his car.

Eventually Presti pulled over and was immediately arrested.

The deputy who was struck by the vehicle was taken to an area hospital where authorities reported that the deputy was injured but did not state their condition.

Mac’s Public House is said to be in a zone that Governor Cuomo issued quarantine orders due to a spike in covid cases. Presti has vowed to defy the governor’s orders and continue to operate.

Presti has been arrested on 10 charges including third-degree assault, reckless driving, menacing and resisting arrest.