Amazon bans employees from having TikTok app on phone

Amazon has barred employees from using the popular TikTok app on phones they use to access their work emails from.

The notice was sent out to employees on Friday stating a potential cyber security risk from the China-owned app.

Employees will still, however, be able to access the app through their Amazon laptop browser.

When asked by reporters to comment on the decision, no answer was given.

TikTok owned by Chinese internet giant ByteDance said in a emailed statement that they “still do not understand their concerns.” The company also stated that it would have been opened to dialogue with Amazon to address their concerns.

TikTok has been working to distance itself from it’s Chinese roots to appease critics and even has since named Disney executive Kevin Mayer as the new CEO.

They are also in the process of stopping operations in Hong Kong due to a new Chinese national security law that would require social media apps to provide user data to Hong Kong authorities.