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Aldi warns of online Christmas scam targeting customers

ALDI Arizona Grand Opening

Aldi is notifying it’s customers about a social media scam that claims to be affiliated with the grocery chain and is seeking personal information from it’s customers.

The scam was originally found on a Facebook page called “Aldi Store, ” which claims to be run by Aldi CEO Jason Hart and is offering a Christmas food box for anyone who comments on and shares the post. The post also provides a link which directs users to another website that seeks to collect customer information.

Aldi posted on their actual Facebook page on Sunday saying that the page is not theirs and that they are working with Facebook to get the page shut down.

Social media scam pages like this are common, especially during the holidays. To make sure you don’t become a victim of a scam, make sure to look for a verified blue check mark on social media pages and be wary of post that provide links to outside pages. Always hover your mouse over the link to make sure the link will actually lead you to the retailer’s website.

You can also always contact the retailer directly by phone to ask if they are doing some type of promotion.