Josh Harrison’s Seems To Be A Magnet For Baseballs

(AP Photo/Jeff Roberson)

In a bizarre twist how does the same hitter get hit 4 times consecutively well, that hitter is infielder Josh Harrison.  This did happen in 2 days and it seems that his lead leg got a pounding over those 4 at bats.  In 80 years in only happen twice Craig Biggio (2000)  and Jon Jay (2014).  Harrison has been hit 6 times in 12 games last year he was only hit 5 times.  His on base percentage has shot up to .378 with a .263 batting average with one walk.

Fun fact: Josh Harrison’s bones are magnets. He was hit in four straight plate appearances. It’s probably a record:

— Michael Clair (@michaelsclair) April 18, 2017

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