Bucs OC coach to Desean Jackson “You came here for the money”

(AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)

With the season around the way and players settling into there New Teams or new positions this is the time when everything is pretty hush and nothing to controversial happens. Now how you decided to look at it is up to you but I feel like the Bucs OC took what he said to Desean Jackson a little to far. Todd Monken told the Tampa Bay Times :

“I’ve told him that, ‘We have paid you a hell of a lot of money to be a damn good player. We’re not paying you a lot of money, this is a contract where we’re paying you for what you’ve done for us … we’re not paying like [Derek] Jeter the last three years … we don’t have any old street cred that we’re paying you. No. We need you to be a great player now. Okay? That’s why we gave you the money,’” 

But it didn’t end there Monken was also quoted saying:

“You came here because of the money,” Monken added. “Don’t give me all that bull about you came here because of the weather and Jameis. No. You came here because we paid you the most. You need to play like that. He gets that. He’s smart enough to understand that.’’

Now for someone to tell another person why they are where they are and the reasonings behind it is just crazy. Monken doesn’t know why Desean signed. Weather its the money, to play with Jameis, the nice weather, or even the pretty women it is nobodies place to say why Desean chose Tampa Bay. The only person who knows is Desean. Lets just let the guy play football and not worry about why he’s in Tampa.

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